Trying to make up for the Bdrop we called (B is for ball)

So… we haven’t had an update concerning press and republishing. The deal is, 1: we lack cash, so we are going to be printing on demand. This kills any profit point that would have gone to our next anthology, but it is a more sustainable production approach in the short term. basically, just email with an order of however many comics you want and he will get them to you. (there is now a retailers price, please inquire, but the minimum is five copies and the cost of shipping will be added.)

News fro the blog-o’sphere!

We have a review of Dead Man’s Hand from Silver Bullet Comics (they wanted to get a free or discounted copy but I held out for full price because we hadn’t even given out contributor copies)

More importantly (to those of us who value oldschool “actually read it” nomoney hype), We have a mention from Eden on her short version of her expriance at SPX.

She bought a copy, and she didn’t feel the need to remind us “who she was”. Unlike other reviewers (no offense, but if you fall into the category, you can just deal.) , she valued her copy enough to have it signed by those of us whose where there.

I’m a lover, not a hater. I’m not bitter about the “rockstars” of comics, I’m just sweet on those who really do rock.

Oh, and I found this at Comics Reporter.

And a nice shout from the Comics Alliance!

We have press! Who knew?

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Pictures and Pre-orders


Firstly, I’d like to direct you to our SPX photo gallery. We got really great feed back from professionals and attendees alike. It was a blast. Sales or the “promotional run” went well, and there were just enough copies left to go to the contributors. Time for the first run!

Here’s how it will work. We are just waiting to here back from our bindery, but the projected goal is to have the first retail run out by Thanksgiving (USA). The book will still cost only ten dollars. It will have the same cover, paper stock, and the only changes will be some typographical edits to the index and perhaps a bit of touch up from the artists (time allowing).

How do you get one? If you’d like to reserve a copy, or copies, you can email with your name and address. As soon as the books are back from the bindery we will email you back to request payment.

The intent is to best gauge the size of the print run.

If you would like your copy to arrive as soon as possible you can pre-pay by mailing your check in advance to:

Christopher Warren
163 S.Main St. Apt #2
White River Junction, VT 05001

In addition to being the fastest way to receive a copy, this will help to relieve Tree Fort Press of the burden of production costs.

Please specify whether or not you would like the copies to be signed, as well as whether they should be signed on the inside cover or a location of the book chosen by the artist.

All signatures are free of charge, but dependant on the availability of the artists.

Orders for over five books by a single customer must be paid for in advance of printing.

Paypal is available by request and an additional one dollar surcharge (Sorry, they take a cut).

Shipping is USPS and free unless international or upgraded by the customer. All international or upgraded shipping will have the standard cost subtracted from the total bill to minimize the cost to the customer.

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Nice writeup on Comic Alliance

I’d just like to point people to a nice blurb that we got on the Comic Alliance blog here

“…And, like MoCCA, you’ll discover treasures (at SPX) you’d never find at your local comic shop.

Case in point: Dead Man’s Hand, a new anthology of westerns published by Tree Fort Press that features stories by students at the Center for Cartoon Studies along with veterans like the ol’ Tyrant himself, Steve Bissette and Web cartoonist Cayentano Garza (Magic Inkwell).

Since I’m partial to Western comics, I think I’m going to order one of these online just to be on the safe side.

If you can’t make it to Bethesda this weekend, maybe you should too…”

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Another Morgan sample

Hi folks. Well, the books are printed and boxed and ready for the long journey to SPX. For those of you who are attending, swing by our table and say hi! We’re next to the I Know Joe Kimpel distro’s table. Also, we’re appearing on the Ignatz ballot for best SPX debut comic!

So with all that in mind, here’s a sample to further whett your appetites! It’s another excerpt from my comic “Boots.” Click on it to em-big-ulate.


nuff said


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Gloomy and Gussied Up


 By looking at this image you are agreeing to buy the anthology this weekend at SPX.  It’s the law of the west. It’s in the constitution… or the Bible… or something.  Most people I’ve met who reference either have read niether.

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Can’t Escape It

Deputy Marshal

I found this in Manchester last night.  I’m getting a serious case of “Old West on the brain” as SPX approaches.

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Morgan Pielli


Here’s a panel from my upcoming western comic “Boots.”

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Denis St. John

This is Denis saying “Howdy” and showing some samples. That’s my slpash page.
And that’s a bit of early production work. A Dead Man’s Hand Blog exclusive!

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Cat Garza and Bryan Stone


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